19 July 2020- Today what a successful day today firstly i want to say thank you very much to our Almighty Father for protecting us 24/7, thank you Heavenly Father for guiding us through this difficult period to be out there and feed our community, today we managed to distribute warm cooked lunch to 684 tummies this includes 474 kid’s and 210 adult’s.
1:684 plates of food distributed today
2: 92 Foodpacks each food pack feeds a family of 4 distributed today to senior’s residents and a warm cooked meal
3: 45 Sanitary pads + 20 soap + warm cooked meal distribute to school going female’s
Today was a successful day today and all thanks to our Almighty Father and awesome volunteers who cooked and donated there time and effort today.
Thank you to to Rise Against Hunger NPO, KHaTHaLaNa NPO, and thank you to all our donor’s for the support, your support and assistance are greatly helpful and appreciated.
Thank you everyone single person for the support and contributions.
We appeal for assistance of food ingredients for donations of food ingredients please contact Kalib Johannes Missoe @067 0682 880