We National Youth Development League – NYDL  member of FOOD RELIEF ALLIANCE OF SOUTH AFRICA (FRASA)  and FUNDRAISING  MENTORING NETWORK (NPC)  we would love to say a huge thank you to Vanessa Cookson from Brown Girl Kreations  & BGK Youth Development for donating these Canterbury Sharks t-shirts.

With this donation we managed  to distribute hundreds of t-shirts to the community. Thank you, Food Relief Alliance of South Africa, Fundraising Mentoring Network, Brown Girl Kreations, BGK Youth Development,  YoungPeople@Work  & Begotten Givers  for the continues support, it’s much appreciated and valued.

Contact me Kalib Johannes Missoe  @0670682880 or via email nydlorganisation@gmail.com if any are interested in supporting us by donating or making any contributions.