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National Youth Development League

The National Youth Development League has grown and expanded much since we launched in 2019. We are very grateful to each and everyone who has contributed and helped so many with their input.

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About the

National Youth Development League

Humble beginnings..

The National Youth Development League was initiated in November 2019 and played an important role during lockdown in an effort to support the local community in Belhar-area in Cape Town. As the pandemic impacted heavily on South Africans and many lost their jobs the NYDL was able to reach out and help secure food and opportunities for those in need.

About us

The NYDL is an NPO based in Belhar that strives to enrich all youths from underprivileged communities by offering projects, programs and other related training regarding skills development and daily food distribution projects

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What we do

Our Projects

Fund raising

Feeding schemes

Soup Kitchens

Education and skills development

What Drives Us

Our Mission

It’s our goal to support, uplift and socially improve our local communities through our various activities targeting the vulnerable in our area.

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You can assist by getting involved in the following ways:
Donate your time and skills
Make a financial donation
Help us prepare and distribute cooked meals
Help with fundraising

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