National Youth Development League – NYDL Distributing Food what a successful day today, 120× 330ml Twizza bottled cooldrinks distributed today, 426 tummies blessed today with a warm cooked supper meal, Spinach Stew , 228 kid’s fed today and 198 adult’s,
Thank you to our Sponsor Executive Pro Active Security Services for the contribution of Finance towards today’s successful event. With your support we managed to feed 426 tummies.
Thank you to our Sponsor Twizza for the generous amount of 30 cases of 330ml flavored cooldrink. 3 cases of cooldrink will be shared to our continuous sponsor Khathalelana NPO, 5 cases of cooldrink will be shared to Delft/Belhar PCO office Feeding Scheme in The Hague, Delft
Thank you to our Sponsor Khathalelana for the continues donations of vegetables on a weekly basis. Thank you for the continues support it’s much appreciated and valued.
Thank you to FUNDRAISING MENTORING NETWORK (NPC) for the support and assistance.
Thank you to all our sponsors your support is much appreciated and valued.
We ran out of gas while busy cooking for our communities but with God’s Grace we managed to cook further on a electric stove. If you have any contributions of gas please do not hesitate to contact me. It would be highly appreciated and valued.
For more information on how you can contribute towards our project please contact Kalib Johannes Missoe on 067 068 2880 or