Wow what an amazing day today.

As you all know, we are currently living in a Gender Based Violence Pandemic where women are being raped, killed, kidnapped and abused every single day. As there are no projects in Belhar that cater for our youth, women that are affected by this disease of Gender Based Violence. We as National Youth Development League – NYDL communicated with Fight Back SA and bought this wonderful Woman Self Defence Workshop /Training to Belhar offered by Fight Back SA.

We as National Youth Development League NPO/NPC/PBO based in Belhar in collaboration with Belhar Ext 7 Neighbourhood watch, where our Founder and Executive Director Kalib Johannes Missoe is currently acting interim Chairperson of Belhar Ext 7 Neighbourhood watch, Additional Member for Belhar Community Policing Forum Substructure Sector 1 and Sector 2 and Chairperson of Belhar Saps Youth Crime Prevention Desk would like to say a Special thank you to Mr John Oliver for organizing the venue at Belhar High School. We would also like to say thank you to Belhar High School for availing the venue and the support, thank you to Belhar High School Principal, School Management Team, School Governing Body, RCL of Belhar High School, School Staff.

Thank you to every single participant that was involved.

Thank you to Belhar Community Policing Forum (CPF).

Thank you to the members in blue.

Thank you to all participants and to Fight Back SA.

Best for last, thank you to our Heavenly Father God for being there 24/7 and protecting us.

Thank you to every single person.

Thank you to Belhar SAPS and Belhar Saps Youth Crime Prevention Desk for the support.

Thank you to our Founder and Executive Director of National Youth Development League NPO and NPC under the leadership of a dedicated community and youth activist working 24/7 for Belhar and Delft community that does not receive any financial support etc but support and commitment from God.

We gladly want to announce that it was decided by National Youth Development League and Fight Back SA that this initiative and project will be happening on a continuous basis where every Saturday this training will be provided to our Belhar community. All individuals who are interested please contact us as a list must be drafted and work out groups.

Also, our Founder and Executive Director will be meeting with Belhar High School and all relevant stakeholders / role players to see where a fixed venue can be provided for this new implemented project/initiative in Belhar.

More projects will be implemented to better our Belhar and Delft community.

We National Youth Development League NPO/ NPC /PBO based in Belhar will be focusing on implementing it in Delft too.

A further date will be communicated once all the logistics are done and organized.


Thank you to all individuals who support us and still do.

We are appealing for assistance in any sorts of donations, whoever can assist please do contact us on 067 068 2880 or via email /

Any donations would be much appreciated and highly valued whether small or big.

Thank you in advance.

May God Bless You.

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